Purify Air

Sirena is designed to keep the air clean after it cleans your home.

具多功能的 Sirena 在清潔家居後為您及家人提供無塵潔淨空氣。


Smell ∙ 異味……

Traditional vacuum cleaner generates enormous amount of heat inside. It heats up the air passing through and the dust inside the unit, providing a perfect situation for bacteria to multiply rapidly. The smell of operating the unit indicates high concentration of bacteria and allergens is being vented out into the air that you breath.


…… Gone ∙ 沒有了

Sirena water vacuum cleaner vents out only fresh clean air because only air itself can escape water through bubbles and water is a natural coolant which eliminating the warm bed for bacteria to multiply rapidly inside the unit.

Sirena 水洗式吸塵機把吸入帶有塵埃的空氣抽進儲水箱內,由於水的降溫特性不利細菌於高溫下急速繁殖,而且只有空氣以氣泡型式離開儲水箱,所以Sirena水洗式吸塵機能在吸塵操作時排出潔淨清新的空氣。

When designing the Sirena, engineers had a vision of it to provide long time of fresh and clean environment in your home. Sirena also is a low power consumption water base air freshener.

在設計 Sirena 水洗式吸塵機時, 工程師已經考慮到給與用戶長時間的清新潔淨家居環境,所以 Sirena 也是一部低耗電量的水淨式空氣清新機。