Health ∙ 健康




A healthy lifestyle is the best protection against diseases for your beloved family members. A clean and fresh living condition is critical to our health, especially to children.


Air pollution at home ∙ 家居空氣污染

Air pollution is increasingly affecting our health. Polluted air carries more dusts and allergens then ever and reaches our home freely. This is why allergy has become a serious issue at home and the symptoms are becoming more severe.


Ever wonder……? ∙ 有否感覺……?

Ever wonder why your nose, or a small part of your body, is itching for awhile? Or found a small area of redness on your skin for no apparent reason?  This could be a sign of your body is reacting to the allergens at your home.


Allergens ∙ 致敏原

allergens_groupCommon allergens at home are Fel d1 ( a.k.a allergy to cats ), pollen, fur and dander, cockroach calyx, wool and dust mite excretion. These allergens flows in the air that we breath and rests on surfaces that our body is in contact with. In particular dust mite is medically proven with direct cause to many skin and respiratory allergies, such as Asthma, Allergic rhinitis, Eczema, Sleep Apnea…

一般家居的致敏原包括: Fel d1 ( 貓過敏症 ),花粉,毛髮及皮屑,蟑螂萼,羊毛及塵蟎排泄物。這些致敏原飄浮在我們呼吸的空氣中和留在我們接觸的家居物品表面。其中塵蟎排泄物在醫學上以被證實直接導致皮膚過敏,鼻癢,鼻敏感,哮喘,濕疹,睡眠窒息症。

What is Dust Mite ∙ 塵蟎是

dust mite 2Dust mites is a macro organism with extremely high reproductive capability. It feeds constantly on dust and dander and excretes every seconds.

塵蟎是依附在毛髮、皮屑及塵埃上, 它們是不停進食、排泄和繁殖力極高的微生物。

Dust mites directly causes skin allergy and eczema, which can further develop into asthma. Respiratory allergies can turn into sleep apnea, which is equally as deadly as asthma. The symptoms of these allergies are extreme discomfort and life threatening, specially to infant and child.


IMG_0853To pet lovers ∙ 對愛護寵物的您

To pet lovers, keeping your home clean and fresh has always been a time consuming and frustrating tasks. Just like us, our pets sheds hairs and dander all the time. Shed hair and daner, both from us and our pets, is the warm bed for dust mites.


Sirena is here to help ∙ Sirena 幫到您

DSC01783-HDRDust mites and other allergens constantly pose threats to us, our beloved family members and pets. Sirena water vacuum cleaner is designed to eliminate these threats with natural element, using water to trap dust and allergen in vacuum mode and clean air in air freshener mode.

塵蟎及其他致敏原不停對我們,至愛家人和寵物構成威脅。Sirena 水洗式吸塵機針對這些威脅,以自然物質水在吸塵過程中隔離塵埃及至敏原和在空氣清新過程潔淨空氣。


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